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Quality, proximity and trust are values that make Recheio a leading company in its business sector. Excellence that is the result of all our employee’s daily commitment.

We are offering the opportunity to join a dynamic, innovative unit that sees solidarity and teamwork as the ultimate motivation to becoming better and better!



Our people are our greatest asset and that’s why Recheio is backing and investing in the development of its employees, in particular through a training programme built on the principles of growth and progression. All our Employees can progress in their career, as selection is based on their professional qualifications, performance and merit.


“Every day we face challenges that we try to overcome, always ensuring our customers’ preferences and satisfaction, and their loyalty and trust in Recheio.”

Sofia Amorim

Chief Fishmonger,
Airport Store

With us since 2002

“Recheio bridged the gap between University and the world of work, as I started my professional career there as a trainee.”

João Braga

Financial and Operational Analyst,
Financial Dept.

With us since 2014

Want to join a dynamic Company that values hard work and invests in your professional development?
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Recheio seeks applicants with potential, passion and commitment

If you would like an opportunity for professional development in a Company that values your work and invests in your growth, so send us your application.

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We accept young people at the beginning of their careers for internships suited to their development.

If you are looking for an opportunity to begin your professional career in the market’s leading Company, so Recheio is the right place for you. This is the opportunity to join our Internship Programme.

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Find out which vacancies we have available at Recheio and apply now! Complete the Application Form with your details and send to recursoshumanos@recheio.pt with reference to the Job Title.

Aprendiz de Cortador Carnes Verdes - Recheio LeiriaLoures
Candidatura EspontâneaLisboa
Chefe de Garrafeira - Recheio LagosLagos
Chefe de Secção Talho - Recheio (Margem Sul)Margem Sul
Cortador Carnes Verdes - Recheio BragaBraga
Cortador Carnes Verdes - Recheio Castelo BrancoCastelo Branco
Cortador Carnes Verdes - Recheio Figueira da FozFigueira da Foz
Cortador Carnes Verdes - Recheio IntendenteLisboa
Cortador Carnes Verdes - Recheio de RamaldePorto
Cortador Carnes Verdes - Recheio LeiriaLoures
Estágio na Direcção Financeira Recheio - Controlo de LojasLisboa
Gestor Categoria Garrafeira - CaterplusSanto Antão do Tojal
Motorista (Lic. A+B) - Recheio ErmesindeErmesinde
Motorista (Lic. A+B) - Recheio Vila do CondeVila do Conde
Operador de Loja - Recheio Albufeira (part-time/full-time)Albufeira
Operador de Loja - Recheio AveiroAveiro
Operador de Loja - Recheio Castelo BrancoCastelo Branco
Operador de Loja - Recheio CoimbraCoimbra
Operador de Loja - Recheio Faro (part-time/full-time)Faro
Operador de Loja - Recheio Lagos (part-time/full-time)Lagos
Operador de Loja - Recheio Leiria - Reforço de VerãoLoures
Operador de Loja - Recheio Loures (Full-time/Part-time)
Operador de Loja - Recheio Porto Mercado - Reforço de VerãoPorto
Operador de Loja - Recheio SetúbalSetúbal
Operador de Loja - Recheio TaviraTavira
Operador de Loja - Recheio ViseuViseu
Operador de Loja Recheio - PortimãoPortimão
Operador de Peixaria - Loja Recheio FaroFaro
Operador de Peixaria - Loja Recheio LeiriaLoures
Operador Talho - Recheio SinesSines