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Irregularities Communication

Jerónimo Martins Group (JMG) and all the companies that comprises it, have adopted a set of principles and values, applicable to all employees and remaining stakeholders with whom interacts in all the geographies where it operates, which, in addition to the legal and regulatory provisions in force, constitute an effective and fundamental component of its strategy and ethical culture.

In line with this culture, JMG assumes a posture of total intolerance towards any behavior that results in the violation of the Code of Conduct, the Anti-Corruption Policy, as well as any rules provided for in European Union or national laws, applicable in the countries where the Group and the companies that comprise it operate.

In this sense, the JMG provides a set of robust mechanisms for the prevention and detection of irregularities in order to ensure:

– the ethical, upright, and professional behavior of the organization;

– a culture of transparency, integrity and accountability;

– compliance with internal policies and legal regimes applicable in the countries where it operates.

If you would like to get more information or report an irregularity, please click here.

Last Update: 15th June 2022